Sensox Co.

Sensox, is an engineering and manufacturing of automotive spare parts company with a deep focus on engine management systems. Being partner with the most experienced and innovative suppliers in the Middle East enables us to offer wide range of innovative products with a competitive price. Our products are categorized into aluminum die-casting products, engine spare parts, and oxygen sensors.

At Sensox our mission is to foster a sustainable future by efficient use of energy, materials, and resources. We create value by concentrating on the needs of society, environment, customers, suppliers and staff. The company is newly established by professionals in engineering and business management, with cooperation of well-known and pioneer automobile part manufacturers. More information about the company can be found on the website.

About Us

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Sensox is engineering and manufacturing company. We focus on the automotive parts especially engine management systems. Our current range of products includes aluminum die-casting parts, automotive engine spare parts, and automotive oxygen sensors. Our mission is to foster a sustainable future by efficient ...Read more

Our Products


Sensox offers aluminum die casting for various types of automotive parts with multiple complementary operations such as: trimming, shot blasting, sand blasting, machining and so forth. The casting technique is high-pressure with modern cold chamber die casting machines which are varied from 150 to 1800 tonnes capacity. Our resources enable us to produce different types of aluminum casting parts from 1kg to 12kg for...Read more




All manufactured components testing performed by latest technology and knowledge in our plant laboratory. In below some of our laboratory procedures and features are outlined: ...Read more